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About Us

The Walnut Meadows Community Association, (WMCA) was established in July of 1990 for the purpose of providing opportunities for residents to meet one another; to participate in various types of social activities; and to promote an atmosphere of neighborliness for the benefit and well-being of the whole community.

The dedicated Officers elected by the Association along with voluntary committee chairpersons and volunteers work diligently to assure that Walnut Meadows tops the list of communities for individuals deciding to spend their pre-retirement and retirement years in an active over 55 community.  To accomplish this year after year takes the cooperation of the entire community.  This starts first with membership.  


Membership for WMCA is voluntary.  The dues are just $15 per year and free for residents 85 and older.  Membership has its privileges.  As a member you be able to run for office, speak at Association Meetings, and vote in the annual elections.  You will able to attend social functions at a reduced cost and attend free social functions that are limited to Association Members only.  You will be amazed how far your $15 membership dues goes in making Walnut Meadows the great place it is to live.  Even if you are thinking right now you do not have the time to be involved so I am not going to join, we ask that you reconsider and think of the community.  Your membership now will help ensure that activities and functions will be there when you are ready.

Thank you for listening and the WMCA Board wish all of our residents and future residents God’s Blessing for a happy and fulfilled life.

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Walnut Meadows


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